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Jing here~!

 I started this lj primarily to rant random crap and, more importantly, to feed my (crazy) addiction obsession: fangirling.

If you happen to be in the fast-growing fandom worlds, feel free to add~



Been awhile since I posted...

It's june 16th here~! So it's my sis's bday~!
i got her the monster album (normal ed. since the LE one was already out of print T_T) and the MY Girl one too (which has her first ever favorite arashi song; tokei jikake no umbrella~)
she went on a spazzing spree once she found out, it was totally hilarious but at the same time, kinda scary haha

aaand its june 17th over there at japan so...

gosh, i've been on such a nino highh these few.... months now lol!
someone savee meeee!

cr: ninomiyaday 
can u believe he's already 27 now?
i hardly can (;
yesasia likes to rip me offCollapse )


 last night at around 8pm, my sister got sent to the ER. I was at work doing overtime and got off around 12 midnight so I didn't find out till then when I saw the million missed calls my mother left me. It was due to abdominal pain i found out later. I was relieved it wasn't so life threatening and then proceeded to sleep at around 2am after getting my laundry done (these days thats all the time i have to do them) cuz i had to wake up early to get to work again the next day.

Unfortunately, my sister's condition worsened. I got a call around 5am from my mom telling me to call off work because she needed someone to be next to my sister, who was to be hospitalized until further diagnostics are done to figure out if it was serious or not. My mom hadn't slept for nearly 36 hours because she was on call before that so she needed rest because she was getting a huge headache. I made it to the hospital around 6am, she was sound asleep in her room. 

Right now, her situations getting better but they can't completely rule out internal infection. on top of that, she's had a bad cough for 2 weeks now. no fever, no vomiting, no nausea, no loss of appetite. they can't figure out what it is. her x-ray shows normal signs. her WBC was up 14k but is now down to 10k (thankfully) but nothing much has changed. quite a mystery. by 6am tomorrow, the general surgeon will make the call whether to get her into surgery or not. we're crossing out fingers that she doesn't have to go through it.

So im wishing her the best (: get well soon, love! 
im thinking of getting her something for being such a good sport even though shes deathly afraid of needles 
a card is too cliche but idk what else to get her lol! 

in other majorly fail news, this is the answers i got from the quiz i got from massu_ko :
NEWS compatibility test
LJ Username  
fave NEWS member 
your compatibility with Yamapi: - 46%
your compatibility with Ryo: - 89%
your compatibility with Tegoshi: - 89%
your compatibility with Massu: - 7%
your compatibility with Shige: - 3%
your compatibility with Koyama: - 84%
This Quiz by reiko25 - Taken 177 Times.
New - Dating Advice written by YOU!

not really a quiz but wow.... so amazingly accurate. 
the world obviously hates me. although I kinda expected this outcome, is it a sin to still love him? lol! It's us against the world, massu! 
(sighs) yesyes, i know... i have an evil/pervy/creepy/Do-S side of me that I'm not so proud of but hey, at least i tried? XD 
ryo and tesshi are the ones i bash on the most too, cuz their too much like me that it gets me uncomfortably annoyed at the things they do lol!

I want massuuuu ); 
dammit!! i have a fetish for kind cute shy smart guys but... (sighs) i guess were just not compatible 
and that 3% on shige is gonna get me killed lol! hes fabulously awesome and hot but... hes... hes boring to me *bricked* and he'd probably be really creeped out by me. Im sure whoever girl he ends up with is going to be a very lucky girl (: its just not gonna be me... in the next few lifetimes... probably.
plus a dose of kpopCollapse )

12 hour shift. fml.

 first of all, I was late in finding out because I was out all day working but, my sincere condolences to yokoyama and his painful loss. His mother passed away a few days ago. He must be going through some tough times but its inspirational the way hes staying strong about it:

"Hello, it's Yokoyama Yuu 

I have a concert at Ehime today.

Always in my heart.

I have always been and always be a kid.

I've always been and always will be the oldest son.

I will do my best. I will do my best.

I have friends.

I have staff who supports me.

I have friends.

I have my brothers.

I have fans who support me.

I always have my grandpa and grandma.

And, you too.

I can do anything.

I will do anything.

Watch me.

I'm going to enjoy today's concert

Thank you."

taken from his jweb translated by [info]skycouldfall @ [info]yokodiary 

so lately, ive been put for 10+ hour shifts for 5 days a week. its extremely stressful because when i get back home theres nothing to do but sleep because its late and im exhausted. but my laundry needs to get done so its nearly 3am here and im... doing laundry... (sighs) 

and LJ is being a bitch. but thats nothing new. its just not helpful when im trying to post something lmao. 



 omg, im late im late im late im LATEE!
only a few hours left here (and probably already over in korea) but--

also known as taeyang/sol (but they mean the same thing so, meh ;P)

and here he is facepalm-ing my fail

im really sorry for the lateness, bae!! m(_ _)m

and ofc, being the shy, kind and happy boy that he is, he forgives me ^o^

youngbae: its all good~! ;)b

Thats right ;D flash that cute ass smile that i love so much~! 

this is kinda old news too, but i love bigbang's new single for the japanese airing of iris, "tell me goodbye"but the mv is finally out! and its the 4min full version~! and its so much loveee~! so much hotness~!

video cr:
YGEntertainment @ YT

my oh-so-wonderful first day of work...Collapse )

Happy Birthday Tacchon~!

 To my favorite green ranger, whiny diva, and youngest-yet-tallest coward, 

hard to believe the youngest in k8 in already 25 :D 
+1 because i lahhv him XDCollapse )


Frustrating Phase

So recently, I've been on a crazy rampant nino phase.... and it really doesn't seem like it's gonna end anytime soon
It started about two weeks ago and I thought it would die down by now but it seems it's only been growing more... out of hand, shall we say? 

Oh the Neeeeen... has caught me under his snare and keeping me locked

....and it doesn't help that Arashi's Monster and Spiral have been on loop for about... forever now. Is anyone else excited for the full PV of Monster? I know I am XDDDD 

oh, why hellow thereee~! My new object of unhealthy obsession (; 

just a little picspam to satisfy my craaaving...Collapse )

In other news, today was fulfilling.
A boy made me cry && in love with my new heelsCollapse )


Happy Birthday Yokoyan~!

Birthday post :DD 
I know I missed kei-chan's T^T but I was really busy and didn't have time to be on lj lol~

So my comeback post is to celebrate my best friend's (pfft) favorite human peter pan's wonderful birthday~!
(it's not may 9th here yet but it is where he is :D)

in other business, finals are over but i won't be able to rest until i know my gpa didn't take a drastic plunge 
which i would probably know about before finals, depending how i did in the course, but you never know with these things

omg its MOTHERS DAY in few hours, and i've been too busy to get anything!!!
any last minute suggestions? anything? no? nothing? TToTT

i'll probably take her out to a spa or something, if all else fails and i don't have anything ready by tomorrow morning
off to brainstorm gift ideas, im such a bad daughter x_x


 One week down, one more to go! 
i'm surprised i'm even alive, after the brutal week i had D; 

rant + my loveCollapse )

arashi crack before i head out~! 

have a nice weekend~ 

I should really be studying but...

so i know like... 3 days ago i said i'd be dead for like.. idk, 2 weeks?

yeah, well (lol!) I finished approx. 30% of finals season (1 math exam & 1 presentation down, yeah bby~!), and in my surprise that I actually got SOME work done (what with lj and related distractions), i decided i deserved to indulge in a lil sumthin sumthin as a 'good job' present to myself ^o^ (a good ol' pat on the back really doesn't cut it)

B to the I to the G (bang bang) && othersCollapse )

on a lesser (more coherent/less flaily) note, i just realized i have 4 lab reports due all by 11:30 tomorrow (approx. 14 hours from now, assuming i don't sleep at all) and i haven't yet started DX

books before boys...? (= depressed jing)Collapse )

oh~! and lastly, im adding a few of my other macros for good use (so i can at least say i attempted not to bore anyone to death)
Douzo~!Collapse )

ok, i'll stop now LOL! (i originally planned on stopping at 2 paragraphs but this is what fandom withdrawal does to u...)

and now to get started on that(those) lab reports.... what an awesome way to end the week...